Helyválasztás naperőművekhez

Helyválasztás naperőművekhez

Helyválasztás naperőművekhez

Helyválasztás naperőművekhez

Our technology is grounded in GeoX’s expertise of developing real world applications from its digital maps and POIs.

Our GIS expertise and decades-long experience in handling geographic data means we are well equipped to handle large sets of location and movement data.

A unique strengths of our technology is that we are able to merge individual mobility data with our 100 meters by 100 meters grid geostatistical analysis tool.

Use cases

Our Data

Our mobile data includes both temporal and spatial data. The GPS coordinates are collected by apps running on mobile devices providing a high degree of precision.
Geniusloc uses millions of daily location data points for Hungary from over 200,000 monthly users which can be scaled further to meet any need. Our data sets are sourced from world leading technology partners.

The distribution of the applications the data comes from is from a wide selection of categories, ensuring reliability.

Privacy is our priority. That is why all our data are fully GDPR compliant and our privacy guidelines go beyond legislation.

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