100×100 Geo-demographic map

The most detailed spatial database on demographics and purchasing power in Hungary.

100 x 100 is a socio-demographic and economic data set on a 100 meters by 100 meters grid, providing by far the most granular data source available for Hungary. It provides a significant upgrade in detail even compared to the Inspire GRID 1 km2 population data. The data come from openly available official data, official data available for purchase, as well as other open source data and secondary sources. This data is available for all settlements of the Budapest metropolitan area and covers all major cities in Hungary (population above 20,000), in close to 250 settlements. It provides detailed demographic data and purchasing power indicators.

Data content

Powerful analytical tool

The map-based visualization below was created using data from the 100×100. It highlights the incredible detail and data richness of the 100×100 and demonstrates its utility for turning complexity into actionable information.

The grid

This database was created by aggregating all of the processed data on a 100m by 100m grid covering the permanently settled areas of Hungary. All of the data are aggregated using various analytic algorithms in the territorial units of analysis. The data can be linked to individual address data points and it can easily be mapped using standard GIS software.

The format of the data are the following:

  • Polygon
  • WGS-84 projection system
  • ESRI shape or geojson

Data sources

The data come from openly available official data, official data available for purchase, as well as other open source data and secondary sources. This is complemented by GeoX’s own data sources.

Detailed description

Territorial Availability

The 100×100 database is available for all major cities in Hungary (population above 20,000), in 246 settlements.

Data structure

  Name of field Description of field Units of measure-ments Vintage
Territorial ID ID code    
NUTS3 NUTS3 name    
NUTS5 Settlement name    
ZIP Postal code    
DISTRICT Districts of Budapest    
NBH1 Neighbourhoods and other populated places    
NBH2 Other neighbourhoods    
HOUSINGEST Housing estates and gated communities    
Demography POPULATION Number of total population person 2022
POP_0_14 Number of population – 0-14 years old person 2022
POP_15_18 Number of population – 15-18 years old person 2022
POP_19_30 Number of population – 19-30 years old person 2022
POP_31_62 Number of population – 31-62 years old person 2022
POP_63_x Number of population – 63-x years old person 2022
AGEINGIND Elder-child ratio person 2022
CHILDDEP Young-age dependency ratio person 2022
OLDDEP Old-age dependency ratio person 2022
Socio-demography HOUSEHOLDS Number of households pieces 2021
HH_PER_ADDR Average number of households per building pieces 2021
AVG_HH_SIZE Average household size (number of persons in household) person 2021
FLOORS Average number of floors in residential buildings    
MIGRATION Number of households moved between 2020-2021 oieces 2021
INCOME Annual net income per capita HUF/capita 2022
RESIDAREA Type of residential area   2022
POP_CHANGE Population change between 2004-2022 person 2022
POP_TYPE Population change categories 2004-2022   2022
NOSZTEP Landcover type based on Ecosystem Map of Hungary   2022
CORINE Landcover type based on Corine   2022
City LOCCENTRE Regional centre index   2022
PUB_TRANS Public transport index   2022
TRAFFIC_1 Traffic volume index   2022
TRAFFIC_2 Traffic volume index inside inhabited areas   2022


The database can be used in multiple formats. The database contains map objects which allows for map-based analysis and visualization. This however is not a prerequisite to perform analysis as the database can be connected to address data as well, thus allowing for analysis without the use of GIS software. 

Pricing of 100×100 database varies on data depth and territory covered of the data requested. The data is available for each settlement individually and pricing depends on the size of the settlement.
Data can also be bought in bundles, covering specific settlement types or larger territorial units.

Settlement size Price in EUR + VAT
Budapest 2700
Population over 100,000 800
Population over 30,000 300
Population under 30,000 150

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