Detailed vector maps for all settlements in Hungary.

The DSM-10 map series are vector format digital maps containing the road and railway networks and the administrative boundaries of all Hungarian settlements. They are produced with a unified data content and structure and are continuously updated.

All the address and positional data come from official state sources and custom surveys ensuring that all the information is up to data and integrates seamlessly with official databases.

DSM-10 maps include administrative boundaries (NUTS0-NUTS5), ZIP codes, districts, road networks (from main roads to streets) with road numbers and street names for all Hungarian settlements, railway networks with stations and line numbers, hydrogeology elements, built up areas and more.

Use cases

We provide additional custom GIS solutions, server-client applications and other mapping solutions based on the DSM-10 map series.

Detailed description

Scale 1:10 000
Type vector data format
Format MapInfo.tab and/or ArcGIS.shape
Projection WGS84 and/or EOV

Territorial units included (polygons)

  • Administrative units
  • Boundaries: residential areas, industrial zones, green areas
  • Rivers and lakes
  • Forests

Point and line elements

  • Road networks – by type of road, road puffer layers from highways to street level
  • Rail network elements and train stops
  • Smaller hydrological elements

Custom layers

  • Address points
  • Labelling layers
  • Custom puffer layers
  • Other custom layers
  • DSM-10 is also available as Map Box vector tiles.

The customized supplementary layers are not included in the base price. Pricing depends on the elements included.

The DSM-10 series can be purchased for each individual settlement or for larger territories such as touristic regions, supply area, county, or the entire country.

We offer a customized price in case of multiple purchases.

Settlement size Price in EUR + VAT
Budapest 2700
Population over 100,000 800
Population over 30,000 300
Population under 30,000 150

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