About us

Our Story

Geox was founded in 1998 in Budapest to provide digital mapping and other GIS services. We started out by creating digital maps of Hungary that have since been used by Google, TomTom, and Mapbox. Our initial focus quickly expanded as we developed our GIS services to include a range of navigation products, data mining and spatial database management services, as well as complex custom software solutions to our clients.

The GeoX team developed market leading spatial data products for our region including high-resolution, grid-based socio-economic databases. We recently started to provide GIS business service solutions based on mobility data from mobile devices providing deeper insights into real world human mobility patterns. Recognizing that all social and economic activities are inherently spatial, our vision is to unlock the synergies from linking various geospatial data sources to better understand and manage risks, opportunities, and impacts. We want to provide the best, most granular, and actionable data services for businesses, policy makers and researchers.

Over the years GeoX has participated in numerous international R&D projects ranging from EU funded address interoperability research to to space technology solutions for the European Space Agency.

In our continuous quest for innovation GeoX started using Artificial Intelligence to unlock the full predictive power of geo-demographic data. We believe that Building on our traditional strengths in spatial data incorporating AI takes our location analytics to the next level.

What remained constant all this time is GeoX’s focus on the needs of our customers. We are proud of our track record of providing flexible solutions tailored to our clients. All our innovations focus on meeting existing needs from our clients, whether in providing cloud-based GIS, route optimization, or location based big data services.

Who we are

We are a globally minded management-owned SME based out of Hungary. What unites our dynamic team of 22 is a shared passion for our work and the pride we take in creating quality solutions. In short, we love what we do. That explains why continuous innovation and a drive for excellence is at the core of our company’s DNA.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is not just a motto for us. We are a company deeply rooted and active in our immediate and wider community. When we choose to help, we get engaged with causes we care deeply about. We support: