Online maps for all settlements of Hungary

Online maps for all settlements of Hungary integrated into your existing applications.

Our online maps come with a unified look and design, quarterly updates and with address search through standard mapping services (WMS, WMS-T, TMS).

The base-map used in the WMS service is available freely for testing below:

You can see how its features are displayed and test the additional services available. All the functions on the demonstration dashboard area available individually or as a bundle.

  • Using the WMS service you can use our GeoXRaster street level maps of Hungary in any GIS application without having to buy the entire database.
  • There is no need to worry about updates of data storage, or having to edit and update your background map. The quarterly updates mean that your map will always be up to date. We  continuously analyze user feedback and if needed  implement the necessary changes.
  • The service is based on the GeoXRaster map series consisting of eleven scales with the corresponding data content. The service can be reached through through standard WMS (OGC Web Map Service) formats.
  • The layout and data structure of the maps correspond to a classic city map’s layout helping users to orient easily, whatever content they wish to display.

Detailed description

We are ready to provide expertise and help in integrating our services into your own development environment. We can support installation and operation of your own mapping service and give expert advice on choosing the correct infrastructure and map servers. The map tiles can be purchased separately.

Supported environments

The use of WMS allows the map to be used in a variety of different environments such as


ArcGIS Server and Desktop


Open Layers

Custom environment

We offer two levels of service.


integrated into a desktop solution

HUF 60,000 + VAT / month


integrated into a web-based service

HUF 80,000 + VAT / month

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