The DSMRoute database is the comprehensive base database for the Hungarian road network containing all traffic rules. It is based on the DSM-10 street level vector map of Hungary and contains the edges and nodes of road networks with all relevant information and vector data. It is ideal for use in route planning optimization engines, as well as for applications where knowledge of factors such as speed, weight, height, width, and road accessibility are crucial.

Use cases

DSMRoute – traffic rules incorporated navigation database

DSMRoute database is the comprehensive navigation database covering all of Hungary, containing all traffic rules. DSMRoute is based on the DSM-10 street level vector map of Hungary, which is a topologically correct map and can serve as the basemap for inter and intra settlement navigation applications. All the descriptive data in the DSMRoute come from surveys and is updated annually. Additionally, for added accuracy, we maintain an online portal for customer feedback and for reporting possible errors.

Technical description

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