POI – Point of Interest Data for Hungary

All the places that matter to you.

POIs are one of the most frequently used data types for Business GIS analysis. They provide spatial context and help understand the real-world significance of locations.

Our POI Dataset for Hungary has close to 180,000 data points covering retail, tourism, education, health, transport, government and more,  making it an ideal dataset for location and competitive intelligence.

The POI elements are classified by categories and subcategories. They contain GPS coordinates as well as contact information (address, telephone, email). All of the information is stored in a uniform data structure and it is updated four times annually.

Use cases

Detailed description

Main Categories

  • Hospitality
  • Commerce
  • Education and Health
  • Industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Sport and Entertainment
  • Transport


For each POI element you can find four different kinds of data:

  • Identifying data
  • Contact data
  • GPS coordinates
  • Additional data

Subcategories and number of elements

Category Number of POIs
Hospitality, eating and drinking (Accomodation) 7,522
Hospitality, eating and drinking (Eating) 10,817
Infrastructure (Government) 8,571
Infrastructure (Infrastructure support) 1,343
Infrastructure (Organization) 1,364
Infrastructure (Public amenities) 16,693
Education and Health (General education) 13,809
Education and Health (Recreational and vocational education) 4,976
Education and Health (Medical establishment) 18,809
Education and Health (Health services) 16,410
Education and Health (Animal welfare) 1288
Sport and Entertainment (Outdoor pursuits) 4,519
Sport and Entertainment (Place of amusement) 879
Sport and Entertainment (Gambling) 1,348
Sport and Entertainment (Tourist attraction) 1,670
Transport (Road) 1,152
Transport (Rail) 1,605
Transport (Air) 56
Transport (Water) 234
Commerce (Wholesale trade) 21
Commerce (Service) 32,107
Commerce (Retail trade) 33,550
Industry and agriculture (Industry) 242
Industry and agriculture (Agriculture) 6
Education and Health (Higher education) 330

Data Structure

All POI elements have the same structure.

Name of field Content of field
1. ID unique ID of POI
2. Név name of POI
3. Kategória kód numeric code of POI category
4. Brand BRAND name of POI (if exist)
5. Kategória név name of POI category
6. ZIP ZIP code of POI address
7. Település Settlement name of POI address
8. Cím address data og POI (if exist)
9. EOVX, EOVY EOV  (special hungarian) coordinates of POI
10. LAT, LONG WGS84 coordinates of POI
11. Pontosság quality code of GPS coordinates of POI
12. Telefonszám phone number of POI (if exist)
13. Fax fax number of POI (if exist)
14. E-mail e-mail of POI (if exist)
15. Web web page of POI (if exist)
16. Megjegyzés comment (opening hour

The POI database is available by settlements, or by categories for all Hungarian settlements. The database can be joined to a map, or integrated to your own database. We provide our location based GIS services using the POI database.

Type of collation

Price EUR + VAT

by categories 0.3 – 0.8/pc
by settlements 0.3 – 0.8/pc

The price depends on the type and numbers of ordered settlements or categories.

We are happy to provide a sample of our data.

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