Maps & Navigation SDK

Antares Maps & Navigation SDKs are service independent mapping and navigation components that support custom solutions on any standard map and routing service

Effective fusion and use of on-demand spatial information (maps, routes, location) from multiple sources is the key challenge to be addressed for first responder teams.

The geo-location applications based on the Antares Maps & Navigation SDKs are able to enhance first responders’ situational awareness with on-demand spatial data and can provide seamless mapping and navigation both in outdoor and indoor areas.

Antares Maps & Navigation SDKs  are designed to be compatible with commonly used platform. These features make the creation of geo-location apps fast and cost-efficient, requiring only a few hundred lines of code. The SDKs cover the core mapping and navigation functionalities and allow developers to focus on customized public safety functionalities.


The Antares Maps SDK can be used to easily add map functionality to applications. It only takes a few lines of code to configure and display a custom interactive map component, that can automatically handle mapping data sources and user interactions such as move, zoom, rotate and changing layers.

Standard vector or raster based data sources can be used as a basemap. These are easily configurable and can be swapped on the fly by the user.

Antares Navigation SDK

Antares Navigation SDK can add turn-by-turn navigation functionality to applications with the same ease of use as the Antares Maps SDK. The component can be integrated with many routing services by leveraging a common routing interface.

The navigation component supports easy navigation by displaying the route on the map, the automatic setting of the map’s centre, rotation and zoom, audio and visual clues for navigation actions, and the display of the below basic information:

  • ETA / time to destination
  • time to the next navigation action
  • distance to destination
  • distance to the next navigation action
  • type of next action (icon)
  • name of the next street
  • current speed

The route is automatically rerouted when the user leaves it. Callbacks are provided for all major events of the navigation (moving along the route, reaching a navigation event, re-routing, etc.) to facilitate adding custom application logic.

The Navigation SDK supports voice navigation in 32 languages on Android.


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