ArcHungary digital vector map of Hungary

The starting point for spatial analysis. Make location based decisions about your assets, risks and services.

Precise geodata is essential for all spatial analyses, whether carried out in geomarketing software, GIS, BI solutions or other database applications. The ArcHungary GIS database is a uniform structure vector format digital map of Hungary designed to facilitate GIS analysis. It contains administrative boundaries, topography, and transportation network layers.

ArcHungary allows for customized analysis and the creation of thematic maps when embedded in GIS software. Through the linking of various data, it enables the mapping of socio-economic differences.

Use cases

ArcHungary is ideal for mapping a national overview or regional analyses for various administrative and customized territorial units thanks to the map layers provided and the data structure . It is equally powerful as a business intelligence application and a research tool.

ArcHungary – Hungary’s vector format map – contains territorial units (polygons) arranged in different categories, line and point objects and additional elements from various themes all organized in close to 30 map layers. All these features are available through a single mapping product with continuously updated contents.

Detailed description

  • ArcHungary can be viewed and customized in both MapInfo and ArcGIS
  • The different thematic contents are stored in separate layers
  • Each map layer has several descriptive data linked for example administrative units the latest population data, for road network layers the type of road


ArcHungary – Hungary’s vector format map contains territorial units (polygons) arranged in different categories, line and point objects and additional elements from various themes all organized in close to 30 map layers.


  • Administrative boundaries (NUTS0-NUTS5)
  • ZIP codes
  • electoral districts
  • administrative districts of Budapest
  • neighborhoods of cities
  • inner areas of cities, built up areas
  • lakes, rivers
  • Natural Reservation Areas

Lines and points

  • main roads (highways, freeways, motorways, etc.)
  • roads, local roads,
  • highway junctions, lay-by
  • railroads, and railway stations
  • airports, ferries, border crossing points
  • smaller rivers, canals

Technical parameters

Scale 1:250 000
Type Vector data
Format és/vagy ArcGIS.shape
Projection WGS84 and/or EOV

Vector layers

· Administrative units

· Postal code, part of town

· Electoral districts

· Road and rail network

· Hydrological features

Raster layers

· Topography

· Satellite image

· ArcHungary edited raster map


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Standard price

Licences by number of users Price EUR + VAT
Single-user licence 1,350
Multi-users licence 1,600

The price of continuous updates is 30 percent of the annual purchasing price.

ArcHungary is updated four times annually:

  • March, June, September, and December

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