Site selection for Solar power generation

Find the best solar location with the help of data

OPT4SOL makes site selection simple and fast

OPT4SOL uses the best available spatial data sets integrated into a single solution with multiple Machine Learning models to automate PV system site optimization. This supports evidence-based decision making when selecting the location of new PV systems. 

Our solution will not simply identify locations but will go a step further by optimizing the next best location for solar energy farms based on similarity of spatial location patterns to existing solar placements. 

Part of the solution

Current decarbonization strategies will require enormous physical build-up of wind and solar power. Finding the right location for will be key in making new investments in solar energy successful.

OPT4SOL was conceived with the goal to help facilitate the rapid expansion of solar power generation capacities by reducing the complexity and cost of identifying the right location. We are proud that OPT4SOL can play a positive  role in advancing energy transition and help companies create new PV installations faster and better.

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