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Geocoding is the basis of all spatial business decisions. Having the correct address in the right format along with reliably precise geocoding is crucial in many industries where there is a need to know and handle partner’s address data. Our address cleaning, validating, certifying, and geocoding services make this possible.

If you have large address datasets from multiple sources we recommend offline, manual geocoding. With this solution our experts manually clean the database and provide geocoding to the precision required. Manual address cleaning and geocoding guarantees easy to use, uniform format and precise geocoding even in the case of large address datasets of unequal quality.

Address management improves efficiency of services related to navigation, delivery optimization and spatial districting. We can simultaneously improve the precision of services connected to addresses and reduce database redundancies using better reference data.

Use cases

Why choose us

  • We handle over 16 million unique addresses for our customers annually.  Our customers include government data owners, utility providers, as well as commercial companies with large customer bases.
  • We have decades of experience with the particular irregularities common in Hungarian addresses such as legacy street names, use of part of town names to denote settlement, isolated rural farm addresses, industrial areas, etc. Our high accuracy address databases that have been continuously developed for over twenty years are the reason we are best placed to handle these challenges.
  • Our geocoding algorithms were specifically developed for a Hungarian linguistic context and Hungarian addresses. They can handle the peculiarities of the Hungarian language and all the common mistakes made with addresses.
  • Continuous development and updating of our databases and algorithms are of paramount importance to us and form the basis of our address management service. This is what allows our geocoding to have the highest positional accuracy. We release un an update of our underlying address database and maps every quarter.
  • We are developing new address search applications non-stop, such as intuitive search which doesn’t only search postal addresses but identifies hits from our POIX databases as well.

Detailed description

We clean the addresses using our reference databases by checking and unifying or completing the format of incorrect addresses. We validate addresses and indicate if they are real addresses or not. The method used depends on the initial quality of addresses as well as customer needs.

Process of offline manual geocoding

You hand us your address data in any format  (txt, csv, xlsx) with a unique identifier. Minimum data structure: postal code, settlement name, street address  (we can correct the data to some degree during the cleaning process ie.: there is no postal code, but there is a settlement name.

We complement the original data with the following: :

  • cleaned addresses
  • corresponding coordinates to the addresses in EOV and WGS84 projections
  • quality code denoting the success of the gecoding

Manual verification of result

In case of manual post verification we verify the addresses with inadequate quality codes following algorithmic method. We identify and handle recurring mistakes or notify the customer of their nature. If needed we can systematically check the addresses deemed invalid by the algorithms and identify the causes.

The output data

The output of address cleaning beside the source data contains the cleaned address data with the following information:

  • Postal code
  • Settlement name
  • Street name
  • Street type
  • House number
  • Quality code


The output by default has the same format as the source, usually:

  • .tab seperated .txt
  • MS Excel
  • MS Access

Typical mistakes handled

We handle the following mistakes and problems associated with the addresses:

  • Typos in the street name
  • Abbreviation of the street name
  • Abbreviation of the street type
  • Incorrect postal code
  • Part of town names to denote settlement (for ex: Agárd instead of Gárdony)
  • Settlement breaks away from another
  • Independent habited spaces outside of settlements
  • Legacy names, renaming

Quality codes

Every address is assigned a quality code denoting the precision of the address:

  • House number level
  • Approximate house number level
  • Exists – does not exist
  • Coordinate is known
  • Coordinate is not known

We always provide quality codes with each address with geocode denoting the precision of the results. This allows you to decide if you desire further address management. (such as manual correction). Based on your needs we can manually correct and update geocoding of addresses whose output coordinates are less precise than house level.

Prices of offline manual geocoding services depend on several factors, including the quality of the starting data, the expected speed and accuracy.

Our standard pricing is the following:

Number of addresses Prices in EUR + VAT per piece
1-1000 0.15
1,000 – 10,000 0.08
10,000 – 50,000 0.05
50,000 – 100,000 0.03
100,000 – 500,000 0.015
500,001 – 1,000,000 0.006
Above 1,000,000 0.003

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