Settlement level purchasing power database

The comprehensive database of settlement level purchasing power.

The purchasing power database provides detailed information on different income types for all Hungarian settlements in Excel tables in uniform format, ready to be used in GIS analysis.

The database contains both statistical data as well as derived indexes pertaining to incomes in a uniform structure for all Hungarian settlements.

The income data are given per capita for each settlement to give a granular picture of all the income indicators influencing purchasing power.

Use cases

Topics covered by the purchasing power database

The settlement level purchasing power database includes all official indicators that cover income sources for a household. These are:

  • Work income (Wage income, pension, self-employed, etc.)
  • Social benefits
  • Other income
  • Calculated gross and net income
  • Other factors not included as income that can influence households’ purchasing power

Territorial breakdown

The database covers all settlements of Hungary plus the 23 districts of Budapest.

The database contains the per capita net income levels for all ZIP codes as well as the percentage of this figure in comparison to the national average. This means these indicators are available for 3549 territorial units, which will give a significantly more detailed picture than the settlement level in case of Budapest and the larger cities.

Detailed description

The database is available as a Microsoft Excel file

The price of the database for one year’s data is HUF 399.000 Ft + VAT
The price for annual updates is HUF 199.000 Ft + VAT

Product update schedules are available here.

The prices refer to the Excel sheets. For a map based analysis GIS software and a vector map containing administrative boundaries layers is needed which are available through the ArcHungary product.

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