Raster base-map of Hungary.

GeoXRaster was developed to create a general reference base-map of Hungary to be used primarily in digital systems. GeoXRaster has standardized content and graphical design, and can be updated and developed continuously. It uses up-to-date and credible data sources.

The content, graphical design, symbology, typography, and digital storage characteristics of the maps were all developed to enable:

  • Navigation within administrative units through the mapping of city networks and settlement structures
  • Overview of transport networks through the thematic visualization of road hierarchies, rail networks, and related objects
  • Navigation within a settlements through showing the street network, street names, and house numbers

GeoXRaster is available as a series of maps, or web-based service (WMS, TMS) for all of Hungary or any selection you choose.

Use cases

Detailed description

  • State-, county-, settlement- and district boundaries
  • Protected areas: boundaries of national parks and environmentally protected areas

Land covers

  • Residential areas of settlements
  • Industrial areas
  • Residential areas outside of settlements
  • Forests
  • Parks and other green areas in settlements


  • Rivers, significant water surfaces, lakes
  • Canals, waterways


  • Topographic shading

Road network

  • Highways
  • National main roads (nationally maintained roads)
  • Settlement level road network (roads maintained by local government)
  • Unpaved roads leading to a settlement, or otherwise significant unpaved roads
  • Ferries


  • Names of administrative units
  • Names of parts of settlement
  • Names of inhabited areas with official addresses outside of formal settlements
  • Transport elements:
    • road numbers
    • street names
    • railway line numbers and names of railway stops
  • POIs, common names of major objects

Price for the database containing data for all of Hungary is EUR 1,600

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