Our client, MVM Mobiliti is the market leader in electromobility in Hungary and the operator of the largest electric charging network. MVM Mobiliti is committed to green mobility and continuously expanding its charging network to retain its dominant position in a dynamic market. To make sure that the investments in network expansion are financially sustainable, MVM Mobiliti needed a data driven approach for site selection.


Our client sought outside expertise and partnered with GeoX to design a tool capable of predictimg future performance based on location. The solution developed by GeoX integrates our client’s internal data on past performance with our own location datasets and analyzes these large sets of variables with the help machine learning algorithms. The result is a system that can provide our client with a score for each potential location, showing the probability of that given spot performing well. Geox provided a solution that helped make our client’s business decisions about network expansion evidence-based and grounded in data. As a result, MVM Mobiliti reduced the risk of developing its charging network and made future performance more predictable.