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Central European Economic and Demographic Database (C2E2D)

The demographic and socioeconomic database and map of Central Europe created in the C2E2D project has a uniform data structure across countries and allows for cross-border comparisons between the countries it covers, namely: Austria, Czechia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

All of the data content has been aggregated into a 100 x 100 meter grid produced in Gall-Peters projection to ensure uniform size. All of the rectangles have a unique identifier easily interpreted by humans and machines.

As per the original project goal, wherever permitted by data availability, the C2E2D database is populated with the same indicators already  used in the Hungarian 100 x 100 database. This includes the sociodemographic and economic indicators of a given area (for ex. Population, demographic indicators, income), the environmental descriptors (city center index, building types) as well as mobility indicators (public transport index, mobility index).

Data availability varies from country to country, so certain indicators are not available in every country. Likewise there are some indicators that are only available in larger cities (public transpot index, income).

The project integrated innovative data sources seldom used in business GIS analysis, such as Earth Observation data and its derived indexes as well as anonymized statistical mobility data from mobile devices.

The earth observation data from the Sentinel-2 satellite complement traditional land use indicators, such as the lower resolution CORINE data. EU-DEM data has been used along with 1x 1 km population data from the 2011 census as well as global population density data.

Our market research has shown that these spatial datasets are not only in demand from traditional GIS users, but from Data Science analysts as well as input for machine learning. As a result, beside collecting previously used indices and new earth observation indices, we collected raw data as well to be made available for future AI modeling.

The geodemographic database and map of Central Europe created in within the C2E2D project is available for purchase on GeoX’s website:

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