Our client is the operator of one of the leading fast food restaurant chains globally. They have a standardized methodology of assessing their existing and potential locations to which their Hungarian operation wanted to add country specific variables. They were looking for a GIS solution that could accommodate their methodology while being flexible enough to satisfy their country specific needs.


They chose to partner with GeoX, because of the breadth of our data and our ability to tailor a solution exactly to our client’s needs. The GeoX team implemented travel time maps for all the fast-food restaurant locations with the distances specified by our client. Within these travel time zones we provided detailed demographic data, such as total population of specific age groups, purchasing power, number of competitors, and POIs. We were able to provide and map all these data relying on our existing data sets, such as DSMMatrix, 100×100, and POI database. Our client was also interested in the predominant housing types around their locations, in particular prefab high rises built in the socialist era (lakótelep), as well as the number of potential customers who live in them. We were able to provide this information thanks to the incredible data richness of our 100×100 product.

GeoX provided a solution that enabled our client to have a more detailed and data driven understanding of its customer base, and the strengths and weaknesses of their existing and potential locations, leading to better business decisions.