Our client is a leading multinational supermarket chain active in the Hungarian market. To stay ahead in the very competitive brick and mortar retail sector our client wanted better information on its customers and competitors around each of its store locations. They needed a method to uncover the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities arising from the location of their supermarkets and sought the help of outside expertise.


Our client chose to work with GeoX based on the excellence of our location data. Our team of experts helped our client define a set of exact indicators they needed answers to and came up with the following:

  1. Define pedestrian and car travel times zones to each supermarket location
  2. Provide population numbers within each zone
  3. Provide number of households within each zone
  4. Provide purchasing power numbers within each zone
  5. Show competitors within each zone

GeoX analysts used data from our DSMMatrix, 100×100, and POI data products to create a business intelligence solution that answered all the questions defined earlier. Our solution produced a single customized tool giving an easy to understand overview of complex questions. Our client’s enhanced understanding of the socio-demographic and socio-economic make-up of its customer base and insights about its competition allowed it to make better and more data-driven business decisions.