Our client is the biggest energy company in Central Europe and the operator of one of the largest retail networks in the region. Over the years they have established a reputation for quality downstream products and gas stations with market leading retail and gastro options for customers. The company’s leadership has identified retail as a key driver of future growth and customer engagement as part of their 2030 strategy. To realize these goals, they sought the partnership of outside location intelligence expertise to identify the different types of retail investments suitable for their different locations.


Our client partnered with GeoX based on our extensive experience with GIS business solutions, outstanding location-data, and ability to deliver tailored innovative solutions. After understanding our client’s information needs in detail, GeoX proposed a solution developed specifically for them. Our team designed a tool capable of identifying the optimal format of retail for each location, based on geo-location data and Artificial Intelligence.

The solution is based on the wealth of location-based indicators available to GeoX used in combination with machine learning models. Our experts identified several hundreds of spatial features as well as internal data on profitability, and Nash equilibrium related variables and opted for using machine learning models to unlock the full predictive potential of the data. The solution was built using Azure ML, Power BI, and Azure Data Factory.

After our successful partnership our client’s key investment decisions about developing its service stations are firmly evidence-based. GeoX’s solution provided the hard data to help our client grow its consumer goods retail arm.